Sunday, 11 December 2016

Salt Ensign, "Maquettes for a Season of Fury" 1

$700 U.S.

My name was Nicoleta
                   now I am $700US
that money I go home
when I am being 15                             drunk fat fists beat me     my mother
                                   my sister
he went from us then
we go small room another town
Romania shithole so
                   life is hard                           so what
a man say to my mother
   he take me U.S.
                                   I make good money restaurant
                   he said
my mother no work             say to me
go                               this man has fake passport
   my name                              my face
                                   a passport            OK
I come to here                         the man has son
from here I come to house  the son
   first day beats my head   rapes
   my anus
he beating me rapes me every day
then some food                      sexy clothes I wear I have no clothes other now
after two weeks
I am in other house
                                   with other girls  I am not speaking themselves
   may be they son's friends and speaking
                   bad maybe
so sex I am made ten man each day
   then some food
the son say I must pay to leave                        for fake passport
ticket for plane                       food sexy clothes
any man complains I am stopped my
   money home
sometime maybe no food if son say I             looking fat
oral these man also
   they said              you no escape
                   we inject you heroin
we cut off sister's hands
one day other man come to sauna, son's friend
   I am there             now I am here                    my back is hurts
                                   each month now much pain when I bleed
here is my nightmares                       
but it is day                             my name was Nicoleta  
                                   I am $700 U.S.

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