Monday, 12 December 2016

Salt Ensign, "Maquettes for a Season of Fury" 3

Bone Dance

Do you speak with the dead
                whisper between this
& the next life
                                                tweet                     eternity anon
weather eye on the Nazarene
                Buddha cult        jihad cult             cult
of Artemis           of cows eagles fish
                                Xbox cult
people of the grave           people
                of the sky                             of
earth                      what shall we believe
these others
                                before you           their years
like yours
dreamers             beyond this dance           
                                                of bones
archangel at the door                      looks     
you up & down sez
d'ya think I'd walk through shit & blood
                through priest rectory boy sex
busted banks & crackheads         
                                I               no
                                shiny machine parts just
purest light essence         would bother with
                                a prick like you                  yer dreamin
robot sun             robot seasons     turning
                without you without your subsequent
                opinion the president the army
did you vote did the money
arrive OK             does it matter    this
smallness in the mind                     in the mouth
                a smallness of ideas         a meanness         robot
dreams                 whispers between worlds            breath
                its persistence
its resolution
                                what you came with you leave with       
yr dreams            spark                    measured between pulses            
                                                clackety clack                     clackety

clack bone            dance

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