Thursday, 29 December 2016

Salt Ensign, "Water Harp" 20

‘To remember that other life, wilderness places’

To remember that other life, wilderness places

The beasts and seraphs and the stone grief of widows

The river rising through the old maps

The fidelity of contours silted

All I recognise of myself cut between the banks

This code of dreams braiding in the blood

Another country, another century

We, children in an age of flowers, timeless

So seeming, as though passing one’s self

In the street of one’s birth

Complicit tenses, the bonds

Of compromise, of the will and its inheritors, of the dust

In the road and your body’s dust, of hellfire, of the flood

And all before it

Of the Bible, its body-count, Jehovah thuggish in the shadows

The river widens, to where, where

Between the quick and the dead, these words

A first breath, its undertow into these lives and places

These revolutions

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