Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Prologue: "Decorative Initials for a Book of Hours"

In a first Post (see below), I advised that my original website,, was to be wound-down after ten years, largely because of the cost of maintaining it. The same notice is posted on that site's Home page so that visitors can bookmark http:/, where archive files have now been moved.

Soon after, I had an email from someone asking where the PDF link to the Blackwater Quartet (Prologue), "Decorative Initials for a Book of Hours," was now located (It had been set within a page link on the old site.), and I replied that the site is still in operation for a time, and that they're welcome to copy the PDF to their own computer, as long as the attribution of my name and copyright is also retained.

When I looked back on the stats for the old site, the two most-visited pages were the Neophyte page and the Prologue file link. I thought it might be helpful then if I created a separate page in the Nav column here, to avoid any confusion in the future, when the old site goes down in June 2014. 

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