Saturday, 1 October 2016

Relic Environments Trilogy: Book III, Part

from Book III, Part 2, Animus

Afterward: Into the Forest

Everything remembered

A catechism of blood rehearsed by open fires
Of itself… of itself
Time knotted thick as noose rope

The cottage window shimmers between worlds

What do you see

A path of thorns… there was always Death and Judgment
Three wishes, a shoe by a hearth, a task or journey

We save our pity for ourselves, our guises
And ferocity

A spell, a notation of otherness
Slips its lead, the changeling passing unnoticed through the room

Or we are rich, or we are lost
Or we are devoured, again and again, yet live

What is spoken was in the mind
Before the stories had names

These landscapes, rivers, creatures, everything recognised
Everything remembered

Into the forest, the path we took to meet ourselves

These others

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