Saturday, 6 August 2016

Relic Environments Trilogy: Book I, Part 2. xxxi-xxxiv

from Book I, Part 2, Revelations of a Lesser Wife

Message to Feiqing

The steps a scatter of cricket sounds
The courtyard a weight of dew 
Gathering along the branches

Everything moonlit

Next door a thread of music

From my upstairs window the view is mountains
The distance filled with them

A chill in the air

I am sitting here on plain bamboo
Imagining chords, supernatural
Something to explain everything

Do you remember the story
The wise man, a whole life spent on one letter 
A season
Where everything and nothing happens 

A Visit to Ezhou

Too many willows 

Flowers in odd assortments      

Branches choked with cherry blossom

The view from Stone City

Below the walls
Boats sailing slowly

The climb to Zhepai Mountain

The poet Qu Yuan’s grave

Ascending Yuanhuo Peak

Flags on court carriages

Snow’s high, thin note
Of whiteness

Old temples made of poems
A poem for each
New season
New songs for souls crossing
Clear water

Scenes for travellers
Wasting ten thousand poems

Summer in the Mountains

The gods are my neighbours

Wild thickets blooming up here
My new home a wild seedling too

The courtyard sapling hung with my washing

This clear stream is wine enough

The view enters my window
Disappearing along the passage of the house
Deep along the bamboo trail

Poem scrolls wrapped in silky scarves

I sit in my painted boat, too lazy
To row, singing verses to the moon

The breeze steady on the water
Seems to know the way back

Passing Thoughts

My door in the back lane hidden           
No one visits

No lovers

Only hazy perfumed dreams

No seat saved for me at the banquet

The wind carries singing
But from where

Every day at dawn
The army drums breaking my beauty sleep

Only magpies calling in the courtyard

Somewhere, the world is fussed and fĂȘted

I drag my boat up the muddy bank
Even a little bough too far for tying

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